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“A hologram is an energy interference pattern.
Within this pattern, every piece contains the whole.”

Welcome to my Holistic Reflexology website. This is my personal website where you can discover reflexology as a holistic healing methodology or as a relaxation technique. My aim with this website is to give you information about what I do as a holistic reflexology healer, how reflexology works and how reflexology will benefit you. This way you can make an informed decision on whether reflexology is the healing and relaxation methodology you are looking for.

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As a holistic reflexologist I do not focus only on symptoms and diseases. I will look at you as the total individual that you are. The healing reflexology sessions that I offer aren’t just about your physical state, it includes your emotional, mental and spiritual states as well. In concurrence with the mind-body-soul connection your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing all affect each other and therefore holistic healing is about you, not your illness.

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If you prefer to just relax and unwind, reflexology is a great way to do so. Sometimes that is all we need to feel better. So many people don’t take the time to treat themselves and this can often have an undesirable ripple effect in our lives. How can we demonstrate love and caring in our many relationships if we don’t demonstrate love and caring to ourselves first? Taking some time for YOU helps you to recharge so that you can get back into the game with more energy for others.

I am situated in Douglasdale, Johannesburg.

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